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Welcome to RENA

Machine building for

  • Green Energy
  • Health
  • Electronics

“THE WET PROCESSING COMPANY” RENA is one of the world's leading supplier of production equipment for wet chemical surface treatment. RENA products are used in the areas of application Green Energy, Medical and Electronics, which reflect the vital needs of people living in today's industrial society. RENA products are used to treat surfaces of e.g. solar cells, circuit boards or dental implants using wet chemicals or water. RENA produces standardised machines with guaranteed processes as well as systems tailored to specific customer requirements.
The area of Green Energy applications includes activities for solar cell- and solar wafer production. Typical products for the field of Medical include surface processing systems for dental implants or optical implants. Electronics covers solutions for the semiconductor industry.

The name RENA

The name RENA consists of the initial letters of the four German terms describing the core competences of the company.

R = Reinraum          = Cleanroom

E = Equipment         = Equipment

N = Nasschemie       = Wet chemical

A = Automatisierung = Automation

The company name RENA defines well the product range of the RENA standard and customized wet process equipment solutions. This applies for an texturing application in the photovoltaics production and also for an etching application in the medical technology.



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