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The only guaranteed way to remain competitive is by making continuous improvements and upgrading to increase efficiency.

By installing RENA upgrades, which are based on many years of research in cooperation with our customers, you ensure your production processes are making use of the latest and most advanced technology. Aside from improving technical functionality, these upgrades can increase quality, throughput, availability and equipment security.

Air Channel Dryer

The Air Channel Dryer improves the wafer drying process. In conventional drying processes, the wafers received an air flow from above via staggered air dryers. Today the drying process is carried out using a module that directs air flows toward the wafers from above and below. In this process, the wafers are conveyed through the dryer unit at a constant speed while receiving air flows on both sides.

PID-O3 Box

The PID-O3 Box is an upgrade that generates an oxide layer on the surface of the wafers. This prevents the PID (potential induced degradation) effect from occurring during wet chemical processing, which in turn makes it possible to attain higher solar cell efficiencies.

Reflectivity Measurement

The Reflectivity Measurement upgrade is installed before the output of the InTex NIAK equipment. It measures the reflectivity of every finished wafer using a software program that compares the currently measured wafer against a previously calibrated reference wafer. This makes it possible to draw conclusions about aspects such as the wafer quality, tank status and process quality.

Single Side Texturing

The Single Side Texturing upgrade textures the wafers on one side only, in contrast to conventional processes, where both surfaces were textured. Since the principal cost in texturing processes arises from chemicals consumption, reducing the chemicals requirement by half means you can cut annual resource consumption for NIAK equipment by up to 30%.

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