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Siltronic AG presents RENA Technologies GmbH with Supplier Award

Cause for celebration at RENA Technologies: Munich-based Siltronic AG, one of the global market leaders for hyperpure silicon wafers, recently presented RENA Technologies with its “Supplier of the Year 2015” award in the category “Long-standing Engineering Partnership”.

A group of RENA representatives, including CEO Dr. Tobias Lücke, had the honour of receiving the award from Rainer Irle, Executive Vice President and CFO of Siltronic. For over 20 years RENA Technologies has been supplying equipment to Siltronic for the cleaning and surface treatment of semiconductor wafers and maintaining this equipment through its global network of local Service Centers.

In a short address, Mr Irle acknowledged the long-standing, reliable partnership with RENA. He briefly reviewed the highlights of the partnership, including the recent challenging upgrade projects that have been successfully completed. He emphasised once more how important RENA’s expertise and performance is to enable Siltronic to meet the high and constantly evolving demands of the market.

In terms of ensuring the availability of the machines, the RENA Service Centers in Burghausen, Freiberg and Singapore play a key role. “The flexibility and customer proximity of the local teams should be highlighted here in particular,” Mr Irle noted. “The award is an incentive for the entire RENA team to continue working as a reliable partner for Siltronic,” Dr. Lücke responded.

RENA Technologies is pleased to receive this recognition of the outstanding, continuous and successful partnership over many years. It also sees the award as testament to the great ongoing trust this key customer has in the company.

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