At our headquarters in Gütenbach in the Black Forest and at our subsidiaries in Berg near Nürnberg and Freiburg im Breisgau, we work side by side with our customers and in close partnership with leading research institutes to develop ideas for machines and processes used in wet chemical surface treatment.

The outstanding quality of our products and their official “Made in Germany” seal make our machines and systems highly valued all around the world. Customers from the solar, semiconductor, and medtech industries are placing their trust in our systems to manufacture products at a consistently excellent level of quality. Through our global sales and service network, we make sure we are on hand locally where our customers need us so that we can respond quickly.

Facts, figures, and dates

  • Founded: 1993
  • Areas of activity: mechanical and process engineering
  • Sectors: solar, semiconductor and medtech industries
  • Global market leader in wet chemical inline and batch processes for manufacturing solar cells
  • More than 3,800 systems installed worldwide
  • Around 1100 employees around the world
  • Headquarters: Gütenbach (Black Forest)

Management Board

Peter Schneidewind

Jürgen Ningelgen

Corporate Mission


RENA is world market leader for wet processing equipment in various industries


Our passion is to create customer value through innovation, technological leadership and operational excellence

  • We forge new paths with passion, understanding and experience
  • We make informed decisions swiftly and implement them consistently
  • We communicate and cooperate across all regions and disciplines
  • We learn together and from one another

We open up new possibilities with innovative products and solutions. We learn from our past experiences and position ourselves for the future as an organisation that never stops learning. This means developing new markets, making swift and binding decisions, having a systematic approach to innovation, taking calculated risks – but doing all this with a focus on efficiency and sound business practice.

“If RENA knew what RENA knows…” – this is our motivation for a close and detailed exchange of knowledge and experience, across geographic and organisational boundaries. Everyone at the company has ideas – whether in accounting, marketing or purchasing. We take advantage of these ideas, share them internally and thus learn together and from one another.

  • We set the trends – with products, processes and solutions
  • We form mutually beneficial networks with our customers, suppliers and partners
  • We are all RENA and we deliver premium quality for sustainable success in business
  • We add value for people and the environment

Our standards are high – we want to lead the field in terms of quality, costs and innovation. Our market presence rests on several pillars – we come from the semiconductor industry, we are strong in the solar market and we are expanding in specific areas of medical technology. Our purpose in all these activities is to add value for people and the environment. We will only achieve this by managing costs efficiently while meeting quality requirements. Our employees’ strong identification with the company – true to the motto “We are all RENA” – helps us in this task.

For our customers and suppliers, it also means we place cooperation above self-interest, forming strong networks with them to cultivate shared success. Our employees are committed to the goal of aligning customer and company interests, with economic benefits for both sides. Given the crucial freedom to think and act independently, our employees operate within the framework of our modern management culture.

  • We all know our goals to help shape RENA’s future
  • We open up prospects and share our success
  • We make use of our independence, act with integrity and play by the rules
  • We live our RENA spirit by working together on an equal footing

Not only at our headquarters in Gütenbach, at an altitude of 1,000 metres in the Black Forest, but at all our locations worldwide, we open up prospects for our employees. With our typical RENA spirit, we offer employees and applicants the chance to pursue their individual opportunities, with accessible career pathways for management as well as technical and project specialists.

We create space for independent thinking and action through flexible working time models and a consistent, modern management structure that values each and every employee as an individual. We all share the same focus on corporate goals that we work hard to attain with a view to ensuring RENA’s economic success. This overarching goal of profitability is central for all of us. When we reach these goals, our employees are able to participate in this success.

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