Wet bench for semiconductor production

The RENA Batch processing wet bench is a flexible and compact platform for all wet chemical production processes. The independently configurable process analysis software offers a wide range of control options throughout the production sequence. With its integrated main control cabinet, the wet bench not only takes up very little floor space but is also very quick to install. What is more, it supports process-specific adjustments thanks to its sophisticated, modular design. The RENA Batch processing wet bench meets the stringent SEMI requirements for cleanrooms up to ISO class 2, making it an outstanding platform for production processes involving integrated circuits (ICs), semiconductor components, microelectromechanical systems (MEMS), optoelectronics, and medical technology.


Sequence planning and throughput simulation 

With the RENA Batch processing wet bench, customers benefit from precision-perfect control throughout every production process thanks to advanced sequence planning and state-of-the-art throughput simulation. Independently configurable software controls each station in the production process according to the specific situation, as well as the automated analysis of the products. This gives customers the freedom to choose whether to opt for standardized systems or highly customized ones for innovative production processes.

Where applicable, the RENA Batch processing wet bench can be divided simply into modules, making it easier to transport by air or sea as well as reducing the installation time on site. Integrated control cabinets support fast start-up and reduce the floor space required.

Overview of RENA Batch processing wet bench benefits

  • advanced sequence planning and throughput simulation
  • process monitoring and analysis with independently configurable software
  • integrated control cabinets
  • applicable up to cleanroom class ISO 2
  • suitable for circular substrates of 100 to 300 mm (4" to 12") and masks
  • handling system for standard carriers, low-mass carriers and carrierless processing
  • processing of condensed batches
  • manufactured according to SEMI standards
  • high degree of process flexibility
  • modular design
  • flexible input and output
  • maintenance-friendly design
  • low floor space
  • easy to transport and install
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