Parts Cleaning

Turning your visions into reality is our goal. That is why we give our best every day. RENA offers advanced processing solutions for parts cleaning - We are looking back at over 20 years of expertise in surface treatment. RENA´s wet process equipment for parts cleaning ensures a very efficient cleaning performance for our customers. Our main target is to eliminate the particles on your product to control contamination and optimize the efficiency of your process.

Semiconductor parts cleaning – The Solano

The Solano is a semi-automatic cleaning system with low cost of ownership, for your support of contamination control on all common types of cassettes, boxes, SMIF-Pod´s, FOUP´s and FOSB´s in the Semiconductor market. An optimized Hot-DIW spray cleaning system supported through the permanently rotating of the carousel achieve best cleaning results. If desired by adding a surfactant (cleaning detergent), optionally. Drying via a fast centrifugal force power and high-quality hot air supplying through an integrated HEPA filter-unit. Regular cleaning enables an efficient reduction of particle and metal contaminations on and inside your products.

In addition, the modular structure enables easy handling, fast installation, hook-up and commissioning. Accessibility for simple system operation is only from the front side. The clean room integration is therefore very flexible, as the ball-room or as the through the wall installation. 

Parts Cleaning with RENA solutions

Create a better yield - eliminate contaminations: RENAs parts cleaning solutions can be used as a foup cleaner, carrier and box cleaner and smif-pod cleaner. If you have any questions about us or our parts cleaning products, please contact us. We will be happy to consult you! With our processing possibilities, we find cost-efficient solutions for your production.

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