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Silicon Heterojunction Solution

BatchTex N - all the freedom you need!

Texturing and cleaning of silicon wafers for silicon heterojunction (SHJ) application
requires adapted etching and advanced surface processing.

BatchTex SHJ

Wet chemical manufacturing equipment for high throughput mass production of silicon heterojunction solar cells. Alkaline texturing of the wafers is done by using the IPA-free RENA monoTEX® process technology delivering a high quality random pyramid surface with an excellent homogeneity at an outstanding process yield.

Compared to processing of PERC solar cells, adjusted processing with regards to etching and cleaning is needed to account for the high demands of surface passivation using heterojunction layers. The high level of sensitivity of the surface prior to amorphous silicon deposition calls for high quality wet chemical texturing, cleaning and drying.

For mass production of high efficiency silicon solar cells with heterojunction structure RENA provides the perfect solution with the BatchTex SHJ. Wet chemical texturization and advanced cleaning requirements before passivation layer deposition can be fulfilled and adjusted.

The solution is based on RENA’s Batch N platform which allows the integration of all batch-type wet chemical processes into a state-of-the-art high throughput production platform for crystalline silicon solar cell manufacturing.

Low Cost - Proven System

Subsequent cleaning and surface conditioning is based on ozone technology allowing low operating costs and which is well proven in mass production in the solar industry across Asia. Over 140 sets of RENA Batch N400 have been delivered to the market and are running in mass production in texturing, etching and cleaning applications. The drying sequence is adapted to account for the special requirements of the silicon surfaces prior to a-Si deposition. Processing of thin wafers as well as wafer sizes from M1 to M6 is possible using suitable cassettes.
BatchTex SHJ is available in different versions:
The N400 featuring four cassettes per batch (>400 wafers), N200 with two cassettes per batch (>200 wafers) and for lab and small volume manufacturing the N50 with small cassettes with 50 wafers.