RENA ozone upgrade for inline tools

Equipment Upgrades

Customized solutions

Flexibility is one of the key attributes for long-term success. So respond to changes in general conditions, such as increasing cost pressure or frequently changing technical requirements, by modifying your RENA machine. This will ensure that you continue to enjoy the high productivity from your machine and availability of parts to which you have become accustomed. Even over a longer machine service life. Our engineers develop solutions in close consultation with you. That way, we ensure that modification of your equipment is optimized to suit the new or changed requirements. We can take account of specific requirements, e.g.: upgrades in the cleanroom, without changing the machine’s dimensions, thus minimizing production disruption. 

Upgrades are scheduled and integrated in accordance with standard GMP and EC guidelines. Our team of experts support you with consultancy and engineering services from your initial inquiry through to realization and integration.


Weighing unit

Keep control of your process. Continuous control of the etching abrasion enables you to reproduce results that are 100% homogeneous.



Metal-free additive texturing for DW mc-Si wafers dwTex is RENA´s additive solution for metal-free texturing of diamond cut multicrystaline wafers. No efficiency loss even for short process times - ready for production up to 5000 wph. Easy hardware integration in existing equipment. Best CoO. RENA dwTEX is based on organic compounds which pose no risk to the environment or health and no additional waste water treatment is necessary.

InOxSide NIAK debottlenecking (speed upgrade)

In many cases, “debottlenecking” an existing facility is the most economical way to secure or extend the lifetime of your investment. Rena supports customers with solutions for improving facility efficiency, tailored to your specific application requirements.

InTex NIAK/InOxSide NIAK/ Batch MES/SECS GEM (Industry 4.0)

An MES – manufacturing execution system – should be seen as a key component of the digital transformation. It enables the management, monitoring, and control of production in real time. As a production control system, or even as a production management system, it serves as the link between corporate management level (ERP) and operational level (production and/or shop floor).

Weighing unit

Keep control of your process. Continuous control of the etching abrasion enables you to reproduce results that are 100% homogeneous.

RFID carrier tracking (Industry 4.0)

RFID carrier tracking enables the unique identification of each individual carrier for tracking in the facility. The customer can also define automated queries (traces), for which they receive transmission of e.g. measurement data (bath time, temperature, etching abrasion, or similar) for each assigned carrier.

Spare part PC

To ensure high facility availability, the preconfigured spare part plant computers enable swift replacement in the event of a fault, thus minimizing, or even avoiding, production downtime.

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