Technology leader in the art of wet chemistry

Transforming your vision into pioneering production processes is RENA’s forte. When it comes to your complex wet-chemical surface treatment requirements for semiconductors, medtech, glass, additive manufacturing and solar technology, RENA develops and makes premium-quality machinery in the form of standard systems with a process guarantee or individual solutions tailored to a specific customer’s production processes.

wafer in complex wet-chemical surface treatment process in RENA machine
The art of wet processing: that’s what sets RENA machines apart

There’s a difference between a good production system and a perfect one: for us at RENA, every machine that leaves our premises is a technological work of art that we have created for you, and which does even more than precisely fulfill what you expect it to do for your production process. RENA systems for wet-chemical surface treatment are true masterpieces thanks to the process expertise they represent and the finely tuned technology behind them, redefining the state of the art in the high discipline of wet chemistry.

Art exhibition with pictures of the new RENA corporate design.

Our RENA Design

We want our new corporate design to convey our “RENA spirit” even more clearly to our customers outside the company. This is why we chose art, because we believe in passion, innovation, top performance, and the people behind it – we give our best day in, day out.

“State of the art” forms a bridge between creativity, imagination, and vision in order to satisfy our customers’ wishes and expectations. We need people with the power of imagination, people who will put all of this into practice, and people who will market it to our customers and will keep on improving our quality and our services. This art is encapsulated by the entire RENA team!

RENA is even more than your expert partner for your production solution:

wafer transport via shafts of a wet-chemical RENA inline machine
Together with you, we turn your visions into reality!
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