TruEtch - advanced immersion tank for metal etching

Metal etching is a crucial step in semiconductor fabrication and packaging to pattern interconnects and conduction paths. For this purpose, RENA offers the TruEtch tank technology which provide a superior etch uniformity both across the wafer and from wafer to wafer. This outstanding metal etch uniformity, in an advanced immersion tank, has been achieved through a combination of wafer rotation and micro N2-bubble agitation. TruEtch can be integrated into our fully and semi automated wet benches. RENA’s tank design has been patented and protected in USA, Europe and Asia.

This metal etch technology can be applied to manufacture MEMS devices, RF ICs and optocouplers with metal patterns in the size range of 2-5 µm. Various metals such as noble metals, cupper (Cu) and titanium-tungsten (TiW) on various substrates such as Si, SiO2 and III-V compounds can be etched using the TruEtch tank.

Features and benefits

  • Higher throughput than spray tools
  • Higher etch uniformity than spray tools
  • Consistent etch performance
  • Advanced flow control
  • Accurate concentration control
  • Accurate chemical & DI water spiking
  • Consumption/Evaporation compensation
  • Lower chemical consumption
  • Lower waste treatment
  • No complex wafer handling
  • Small footprint
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Theo Moissidis
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