Machines and Processes for Lithium-Ion Batteries

Modern society is in strong need for energy. From all available types of energy, electrical-power is the most sustainable choice. Globally photovoltaics is already a fixed component for power generation, e-mobility is massively on the rise and by now also commercially viable in terms of cost and performance. Daily used devices like laptops and mobile phones and even our homes are dependent from electrical power.
In all branches and applications effective energy storage is crucial. The demand for innovative battery concepts is omnipresent. 
As RENA Technologies we strongly believe in renewable energy and the transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy. That`s why we do our best to contribute to this trend. As machine and process manufacturer the best way to do this is developing innovative technology for innovative Batteries.

Why RENA Technologies?

Battery production, especially the manufacturing of anodes, does require wet processes. Those processes hold the key for high performance LIB approaches and next generation battery concepts.
With our experience in wet surface treatment for other sectors it is obvious, that this adds perfectly to our portfolio. We know how to handle electrochemistry, can perform etching processes as well as single and double-side treatment or Roll to Roll applications.

Technological Solutions

  • Inline Porous Si etching
  • Roll to roll processing
  • Controlled atmospheres
  • Electro-/Electroless plating
  • Etching and structuring
    - Silicon, metals
    - Chemical, electrochemical
  • Cleaning


Potential Applications

  • Metallisation
  • Lithium Plating
  • Prelithiation
  • Preconditioning / Post treatment
  • Etching/structuring (PorSi)
From laboratory application to mass production
From Lab to Mass Production

Developing and building machines is our passion. For branches like solar cell and semiconductor production we successfully produce lab-tools as well as highly automated production systems.

Solutions for high-volume production are our daily business

Our engineers always strive for more efficient machines and therefor higher throughput rates in all of our business fields. Solar cell processing and its inline processes are the closest to the needs of battery applications. For LIB we directly profit from this expertise since we are already building inline machines for several decades. Additionally we cover Roll to Roll processing as another part of battery production.

The ideal match of existing technology with new requirements
enable a reasonable cost structure for battery equipment. We
use our experts know-how and experience to push equipment 
development and reduce production costs. In combination with
larger production capacity this represents an attractive solution
for research institutes as well as battery manufacturers.

InPorSi - Inline porous silicon formation

The InPorSi is a inline, single-side lab-tool which is capable of forming a porous silicon layer on the wafer surface. This beta tool is already in operation at the research-center at CAU Kiel. It is capable of small-scale production volumes as well as single wafer processing. The principle is based on our inline production tools for solar, however it is heavily adapted to the needs of PorSi formation. 


  • Inline transport
  • Single side processing



  • Zero edge exclusion
  • No sealing
  • Easy automation
  • Scalable throughput
  • Large and thin substrates

Critical Parameters and Typical Range

  • Layer thickness: 5-30 µm+
  • Wafer size: 156 x 156 mm
  • Edge exclusion: 0 mm
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