Chemical delivery systems for diverse industrial applications

In semiconductor manufacturing fabs, chemicals are available on demand by utilizing bulk chemical delivery systems. This not only reduces production costs but also improves process efficiency and the yield by eliminating the manual chemical pour. For this purpose, the semiconductor sector of RENA offers a variety of chemical supplying platforms providing a long term reliability while requiring minimal maintenance. All of our units have ergonomic design and simultaneously are space efficient at tight work spaces.

BCS is a platform for bulk chemical delivery in large volumes and MultiChem is suitable for supplying low chemical demand applications. We also provide FlexChem which is a pumping unit enabling customers to transport chemicals from intermediate bulk containers to the process tanks. All RENA’s chemical handling systems are suitable for multiple processes involving various types of chemicals such as acids, bases and solvents. They are also capable of recapturing used chemicals from the process area. Our platforms conform to safety and health protocols in SEMI S2 standard and they can be seamlessly integrated with wet processing units.

RENA’s chemical delivery systems are contributing to outstanding process results, since the chemicals are being filtered prior to distribution. This provides customers with high purity chemicals for etching and cleaning, in other words, allows them to consistently control and monitor impurity levels. Applying our chemical handling systems decreases the chemical spillages, increases operational safety and improves the efficiency.

RENA’s chemical delivery platforms provide good solutions not only for semiconductor manufacturing, but also for diverse industries such as food production, chemical production and pharmaceutical.

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