Single wafer processing platform for semiconductor manufacturing

In manufacturing of semiconductor devices, there are continuous demands and desires to fabricate finer features. To achieve this goal, high quality etch and cleaning processes are inevitable. For this purpose, the Semiconductor sector of RENA offers Inception, a compact single wafer processing platform. The Inception is a semi-automated, wet chemical processing equipment which enables semiconductor manufacturers to transit from R&D to pilot production. This platform is an ideal choice not only for research and development purposes but also for small scale production with advanced residual removal and surface cleaning.

Our single wafer wet station provides an outstanding <= 1% etch uniformity, within wafer, from wafer to wafer and from lot to lot. This superior uniformity can be achieved even at etch rates higher than 100 Å/sec.

Due to inception’s multiple tank design and dual moving spray arms with separated chemical lines, customers can perform multistep processes. Our single wafer platform is suitable for processing of III-V and II-VI compound semiconductors with wafer sizes up to 200 mm and masks up to 7”× 7”. It can be applied for acid processes in frond-end-of line (FEOL), as well as, solvent applications in back-end-of-line (BEOL).

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