Single wafer processing

The processing of individual wafers enhances process control and enables companies to respond to market opportunities faster. Low and mid-sized volumes can be covered economically and efficiently. The space-saving equipment is suitable for research and development purposes, or for small scale production. When time to market is critical, tool owners can profit from the possibility of rapid changes, low costs and short set-up times compared to batch processing.

Our Single Wafer Processing Expert: Inception

The RENA Inception is a semi-automatic single wafer processing system. It is designed for wet chemical etching and cleaning processes and is extremely efficient. The system is used for FEOL and BEOL processing. Multistep processing of single wafers is possible due to the multiple tank design with dual moving spray arms with separate chemical lines. As the machine is a true multi-talent, it enables the step from development to pilot production. It has highly flexible software for rapid process development.

The advantage of single wafer processing compared to batch wafer processing

Single wafer processing is particularly important for the development and test phase of new productions. This way, different production conditions like the wafer cleaning process can be tested until they can eventually go into pilot production and are finally suitable for mass production.

Why etching machines from RENA are always a good choice

Every day, we give our best for you to achieve your goals! Our strength is finding the best and most cost-efficient solutions for your production. We are looking back at over 20 years of expertise in surface treatment. RENA offers advanced processing solutions for single wafer processing and single wafer cleaning. With us, you will not only find machines with standard designs, but you can also customize machines specifically to your requirements. Please contact us if you have any question about our single wafer cleaning equipment.

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