Reel to Reel

RENA‘s Flexx series are dedicated to reel to reel processing of flexible substrates. The platforms profit from RENA’s wide range of expertise in R2R applications to ensure the best possible match between equipment and process and provides reliable solutions from piloting to mass production.


  • Flexible electronics
  • Thin film PV
  • Li-ion batteries
  • PCB
  • Other flexible substrates


  • Electro-plating
  • Electro-less deposition
  • Coating
  • Etching and structuring
  • Cleaning


  • R2R handling and processing
  • Process design and optimisation
  • Controlled/inert atmospheres

Features and Benefits

  • Optimised fluid dynamics for uniform process performance
  • Wide range of substrate materials and dimensions
  • Transport system for thin foils
  • Web edge position and tension control
  • Scalable throughput
  • Controlled and inert atmospheres
  • Robust dosing, insensitive to facilities fluctuations
  • Process design and optimisation
  • Safe chemical handling and maintainability
  • Optional bulk chemical supply systems
  • Optional external cabinet for bath make-up from solid salts
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Franck Delahaye
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