Electrochemical deposition is a flexible low-cost technology of fabrication of a wide variety of two- and three-dimensional coatings or films. As the name suggests, the process involves depositing material using an electric current. The electroplating process uses an electric current to dissolve metal and deposit it onto a surface.

With more than 20 years of electrochemical deposition (ECD) experiences RENA has gained process and technology know-how in the Solar, Medical and Semiconductor segment.  RENAs abilities range from validated low-cost high throughput electrochemical deposition technologies to high precision methods for best uniformity results and optimal combinations of both.

Plating in Solar Cell Production
Plating in Solar Cell Production

RENA InCellPlate® is the state-of-the-art technology for your next generation front side metallization for c-Si solar cells. Screen printed silver is replaced by an electrochemically deposited metal stack of nickel, copper and a thin capping layer of silver. This technology allows significant cost savings of up to 20 %/cell metallization process and a zero waste water solution.

Semiconductor Plating

In the semiconductor business, RENA is a strong partner for ECD applications for the device manufacturing for  optoelectronic, microelectronic devices and photonic chips. Wafer sizes from 2 to 8 inch, as well as small scale panel substrates can be easily handled. Various plating metals such as Cu, Sn, Ni, Au, Ag, In, Pt and allowys such as SnPb, SnAg, NiFe, CoNiFe on substrates with substrate thickness between 350 and 1000 µm can be realized. Depending on the application requirements different plating technologies can be applied: vertical rack, fountain, cup and fully customized plating.

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