Digital Services - Reduced Downtime & Increased Availability

Much faster, more cost efficient, most precise – digital services can unlock another level of your production.
Our goal is to support you, our customers in staying ahead of the game. Connected services to collect, visualize and analyze data of your equipment and your production can help to significantly improve your business and gain competitive advantages. Through our long standing experience and close relationship to our customers we can tackle your needs and provide purposive functions.

The world is going digital – let`s take this step together

By monitoring data of your individual tool you are able to identify optimization potential of e.g. consumption, throughput or process-flow - everywhere - directly on your mobile device. Downtimes or network interruptions of your machines are easily detected and resolved. Reaction times are significantly reduced. Spare parts are more easy to identify due to interactive part list and tool functions and features can

be checked via online access to all relevant documents of the individual machine. Furthermore the management of service appointments is easier than ever by reaching out to our support-team via Connect+ TM app. With your permission our service experts can directly connect with your tool or even guide your staff via smart glasses. By installing the RENA Connect+ TM Box into you new or running equipment you get access to the comprehensive digital services to support your business.

Digital Service Overview Rena Technologies

RENA Connect+

Tool Dashboard

Monitor specific data of your machine including media-consumption, troughput, uptime and alarms. Boost your productivity with trough live data and track your production KPIs with our intuitive, personalized dashboard.


Make 2nd and 3rd level support as easy as onsite service and enhance uptime. Connect your tool to our experts in engineering, software, process or data analysis.


Reach out to your defined contact person within a push of a button - worldwide.
Convenient response via phone, chat, video-call or remote access.

Connect Alive

Instant notification in case of network interruption. Increase your production safety and maximize availability of your tools. 

Spare Parts Assist

Your desired spare parts for the designated tool always at hand.
Request proposals and order parts directly via app. Additionally our experts can support parts-identification remotely.

RENA is continuously expanding its digital services to improve your fab – so stay tuned!

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