Broad spectrum of immersion wet benches for semiconductor batch processing

In semiconductor manufacturing, immersion wet benches can be utilized for various surface treatment processes such as etching, cleaning and resist stripping. RENA manufactures versatile wet benches for both high- and low- throughput semiconductor batch production. We offer manual, semi-automated and fully-automated immersion platforms which are capable of processing wafers up to 300 mm and deliver high yield. Depending on the equipment, the design and footprint can be tailored according to customer requirements.

Our wet benches can be applied for acid and solvent applications in front-end-of-line (FEOL) and back-end-of-line (BEOL) processes. In the case of critical metal etching, resist or metal lift-off and KOH etching of silicon, the semi- and fully automated platforms can be combined with our patented process tank technologies, TruEtch, FluidJet and SiEtch, to achieve outstanding etch uniformity and metal removal. RENA’s batch immersion portfolio can be utilized to fabricate broad types of semiconductor technologies and devices such as MEMS, CMOS, µLEDs, RF and power devices.

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