Technology Hubs

At our labs  located in Germany, Austria, China and the USA,  we have over 2000 m² of floor space available, which allows us to set up multiple production scenarios and run tests under real-life conditions. Readily available etching lines for customer samplings, small-scale lab tools, chemical labs and research equipment are just some examples of our Innovation Center’s broad capabilities.

With over 50 highly engaged engineers and scientists in Europe, USA and China, we get the most out of the machines and processes.

RENA’s innovative solutions are reflected in over 200 granted and pending patents.

Key Figures

  • 5 technology hubs
  • More than 2000 m² of floor space
  • More than 50 scientists
  • More than 200 granted and pending patents

Hubs Locations

RENA Freiburg

RENA Albany

RENA Vienna


Our Services


Every company desires an optimized production line; it is therefore of high importance for our customers to discover how variations in their machine set-up may affect their end product.

RENA therefore offers its clients the opportunity to run in-house performance tests with their own samples on RENA machines. Analytical characterization and testing of the samples is also performed in RENA`s dedicated R&D facilities.

Furthermore our team of experienced engineers and researchers allows joint developments for prototype tools speeding up transfer to mass production.

Process Improvement

RENA is constantly developing new processes - in close collaboration with its customers - with the aim of meeting the market’s latest demands in efficiency, sustainability, and environmental protection. Several small-scale production lines enable our R&D center to run process tests with a large assortment of chemicals and varying processing conditions.

Sometimes small variations can make the difference. The ideal mix of additives is essential in order to achieve the best possible results. RENA’s dedicated scientists are developing new additives for various processes and applications.

Innovation is our strength and our passion. For this reason RENA is also working with new substrates and materials as well as developing processes and equipment solutions. Thus the demanding requirements to surface properties can be met.

Analytical Services

RENA Technologies Austria operates Austria’s largest galvanics laboratory, specializing in chemical process control, damage analysis of coated surfaces, and surface charactization. We offer production technology support, starting with preventative corrosion investigation and going all the way to assistance with acute production difficulties.
The determination of electrochemical material and electrolyte properties provides the basis for good material decisions and the avoidance of corrosion-induced failure in use. Our portfolio covers all engineering services, from product idea, to concepting and prototyping, to industrialscale production processes.

Process Control

External process control of industrial galvanic lines

Surface Engineering

Coating line design, quality management, upscaling and implementation of galvanic processes

Failure analysis and trouble shooting

Immediate help with production problems and root cause analysis for malfunctioning galvanic processes

Surface and coating characterization

Metallographic coating analysis, cross-section characterization and layer composition

Electrolyte analysis

Definition of analysis routines, galvanic bath analysis

Corrosion testing

Part and coating testing to all applicable standards and regulations

SVP Technology & Innovation
Dr. Holger Kühnlein
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