Training for processes, operation and maintenance


With the help of our versatile training units, you can ensure a transfer of information that will vastly increase your level of production and reduce down times in the long term. The RENA training units are carried out by experienced and trained instructors who guarantee that the relevant expertise is transferred correctly. In three different, individually tailored training courses you can prepare your staff for the daily challenges of production.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Knowledge transfer by experts with extensive know-how
  • Qualified personnel as a key indicator of high performance
  • Practice-oriented training
  • Individual assembly of training units according to your needs
  • Long-term improvement of production level and operating time
  • Long-term reduction of operating costs
RENA employee work on a machine
The Operator Training unit trains operating personnel in the following areas:
  • Operation basics
  • Working with the user interface and visualization
  • Tank cleaning basics
  • Training for commonly encountered problems in manufacturing
  • Filling and disposal of chemicals
The Maintenance Training unit is for training slightly more senior skilled employees such as engineers and technicians in the following practical fields:
  • Servicing pumps, BUS, control cabinets, frequency converters and other system components
  • Materials training
  • Carrying out repairs
  • Carrying out maintenance
The Process Training unit trains process engineers near the top of the hierarchy chain in the following fields:
  • Switching and mixing chemicals to maximize the productivity of wet chemical processing
  • Measuring the efficiency of the solar modules
  • Process definitions and process updates
  • Temperature conditions of the process steps
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