FluidJet - advanced immersion tank for resist and metal lift-off

In micro structuring technology, metal lift-off is used to pattern the semiconductor substrates for fabrication of integrated circuits (ICs) as well as other microelectronic devices. For this purpose, RENA offers the unique FluidjetTM immersion tank technology which provide reliable improved lift-off performance together with increased throughput. This outstanding metal removal has been achieved via utilizing precise hydraulic forces combined with robot agitation. FluidjetTM tank technology can be incorporated into our fully and semi automated wet benches. RENA’s metal lift-off tank design has been patented and protected in USA, Europe and Asia.

Features and benefits

  • Lower Cost & higher throughput than single wafer processing
  • Over 99 % reclaim of precious metals
  • Improved lift-off performance
  • No metal redeposition
  • No backside redeposition
  • Reduced damage
  • 80 % reduction in chemical usage
  • No complex wafer handling
  • Smaller footprint
VP Sales
Theo Moissidis
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