Wafer Drying

Wafer drying processes are essential for the final quality of the wafer. Variables such as drying spin-speed, adjustments for product geometry and the level of cleanliness can be influenced. Depending on the process, different dryer set-ups are suitable. RENA offers stand-alone solutions as well as integrated dryers for different wet processing tools. All systems are controlled and monitored by RENA's exclusive IDX Process Control software.

Our Wafer cleaning equipment

Wafer Drying: SRD - COMPASS Spin Rinse Dryers

The Wet in Dry out process: The RENA COMPASS Spin Rinse Dryers. This high-quality wafer dryer removes residues from previous processing steps and then dries the wafers. This is the most advanced SRD model. The high requirements for dryness and cleanliness are met, and achieve highest particle removal.


Wafer Drying: Genesis Dryer

RENA's powerful Genesis Marangoni Dryer enables a one-step process: it combines cleaning and rinsing with drying. It is compatible with wafers made of different materials such as 200 mm silicon wafer, sapphire wafer, or glass wafer. The dryer is designed with a wafer lifter with an integrated tilting function and enables chemical cleaning without air cuts before drying. After drying, the substrates are free of any water spots.


Wafer Drying: Vapor Dryer

The RENA Vapor Dryer also enables an efficient one-step process: combining the IPA drying process with rinsing and cleaning. It is suitable for FEOL and BEOL wafer drying and uses 85% less IPA compared to other vapor dryers. In addition, it convinces with lower costs compared to Marangoni dryers.


Wafer Drying: ISODry

For the integration into RENA's solvent immersion platforms: the ISODry. Integrated drying saves costs, and the IPA consumption is also lower than with comparable steam or vacuum dryers. In addition, the ISODry has low exhaust air requirements.

Outstanding quality: Wafer Drying systems by RENA

At RENA, you will find exactly the right wafer dryer for your requirements! We are proud of our outstanding quality. For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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