Silicon etching process tank

SiEtch – Advanced immersion tank for anisotropic KOH etching of silicone

Potassium hydroxide (KOH) etching is a wet chemical process extensively used in semiconductor manufacturing to fabricate silicone micromechanical system (MEMS) microstructures. Another application for this process is texturizings the surface of solar cells. KOH is an alkaline anisotropic wet etchant which can be applied to create deep cavities, windows and vias for the fabrication of sensors, through-silicon vias (TSV) and 3D chips. For this purpose, the semiconductor sector of RENA offers SiEtch, an advanced immersion tank technology. SiEtch provides an outstanding etch rate uniformity, high etch rate and consistent performance within wafers and from batch to batch. This superiority is achieved through efficient flow dynamic in the tank as well as precise chemical concentration and temperature control. SiEtch can be integrated into our fully and semi automated semiconductor wet benches.

Features and benefits

  • Lower cost alternative to plasma tools
  • Etch rate uniformity
  • Etch rate stability
  • Software controlled KOH spiking algorithm
    used with the DI loss sensor to maintain KOH concentration
  • In line KOH concentration sensor
  • Lower cost per wafer
  • Lower chemical consumption
  • Smaller Footprint
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Theo Moissidis
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