RENA – the leader in wet chemical technology

Transforming your vision into pioneering production processes is RENA’s forte. When it comes to your complex wet chemical surface treatment requirements for semiconductors, medtech, and solar technology, RENA develops and makes premium-quality machinery in the form of standard systems with a process guarantee or individual solutions tailored to a specific customer’s production processes.


Strength through communication

As a global market leader in wet chemical surface treatment, RENA’s research department drives development on the market. Your vision for innovative state-of-the-art technology is what inspires our staff to join forces across multiple sites and continuously develop new products.

Communication with customers and between staff is the key to a vibrant corporate culture. Taking the company forward together, finding solutions for the challenges of wet chemistry, and taking pleasure in working on innovative technologies – that’s how RENA is positioning itself in the technology markets of the future.

RENA’s core competencies

RENA is the German acronym for Reinraum-Equipment, Nasschemie, and Automatisierung (cleanroom equipment, wet chemical, and automation) – the company’s four core competencies. 

Together with customers from every sector of the semiconductor, medtech, and renewable energies sectors, RENA develops pioneering solutions for the production of premium-quality machinery for wet chemical surface treatment applications.

The company focuses on supplying versatile solutions to a variety of technology sectors. When it comes to your series production, you too can benefit from tried-and-tested standard systems with a process guarantee and high throughput rates to help bring your company economic success. Or enjoy the freedom and adjustment options offered by a customer-specific special system for your research and development. 

RENA is an expert partner for your production solution.

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