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Welcome to RENA Technologies Austria

RENA Technologies Austria is a process provider and technical partner for innovative functional metallic surfaces. The surface of a component is of critical importance for its industrial application. Based on extensive research and many years of development work, we offer smart production processes for electrochemical surface finishing that go beyond the limitations of state of the art galvanic coatings. Our deep understanding of actual surface reactions provides the basis for the relevant electrochemical surface processes to get the optimum result. Fast and reliable application of new processes to customer production facilities is ensured by our knowledge-based development instead of trial and error.

Facts, figures, and dates

  • Founded: 2004
  • Areas of activity: Process engineering, Service Finishing, Medical Surface Solutions, Electrochemical/ Chemical Surface Solutions, Analytics for Galvanic Process (Galvalytics).
  • Sectors: Additive manufacturing, Dental implants and other.
  • Headquarters: Wiener Neustadt, Lower Austria

Our products and services are grouped into four business fields: Service Finishing AM, Service Finishing Dental Implants, Galvalytics and Finishing Modules. Our portfolio is supplemented by extensive options for process control, layer characterization and failure analysis. As Austria’s largest galvanic laboratory, we provide comprehensive services for surface engineering and the industrial implementation of new galvanic and wet chemical process solutions.

Hirtisation bevor and after wet processing from RENA


Service Finishing for Additive Manufacturing

We offer a wide range of finishing solutions for 3D printed metal parts.
-remove of support structures
-surface treatment
-design support for optimal integration of printing post-processing

Service Finishing Dental Implants

RENA has a long experience in developing tools and process for the wet-chemical treatment of surfaces of medical devices.

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