Surface Treatment of 3D-Printed Metal Parts

The industrial and fully automated chemical-electrochemical Hirtisation® process is capable of removing support structures, powder cake and partially melted particles from 3D-printed metal parts and provides a levelling and cleaning of the surface.The process has been specifically developed for the post-treatment of 3D printed metal parts. The method is suitable for all common metals and alloys and all types of printing technology used in additive manufacturing (LBM, EBM, ...). The treatment media used in this multi-step process are material-specific and guarantee a gentle surface treatment. There are no mechanical processing steps involved.


World´s first industrial and fully automated autonomous Post-processing of 3D printed metal parts Hirtisation® uses a combination of electrochemical pulse methods, hydrodynamic flow and particle assisted chemical removal with no mechanical processing steps involved. Reaching deeply into cavities and geometric undercuts, up to 100 parts can simultaneously be finished in the H6000. Powder cake and support structures are removed even at inner surfaces were no mechanical treatment can be applied. Thus Hirtisation® acts as enabler for numerous part geometries.  In parallel the surface roughness will be reduced while the edge sharpness is retained.

H6000 Fully automated finishing modules
Fully automated finishing modules

The full capability of the Hirtisation® process is included in our H-Series:

The H-Series can provide the key factors for the post processing part of the process chain. The unique scalability of the Hirtisation® post-process enables a reproducible, high quality finishing at any scale. With the H-Series industrial finishing module there is no need for any error-prone manual post-treatment steps. The finishing of many parts within two runs simultaneously in the larger H-Series modules will reduce the costs for post processing significantly.

This fully automated solution integrates seamlessly into the process chain of additive manufacturing. The post processing via the finishing modules will have no influence on the material properties of the 3D-printed parts. The composition remains unaltered; the mechanical properties stay the same, the parts will leave the finishing module cleaned and vacuum dried.


is the perfect surface pretreatment for subsequent finishing processes such as protective coatings and functional layers!

 Before and after surface treatment for a printed metal part
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