Knowledge Based Solutions

Our products are grouped into four business fields – multifunctional pulse plating-based coatings for the highest protection of various metallic substrates, highquality nanowires, processes substrates, processes and finishing modules for AM metal parts, and part-integrated sensor surfaces.


We are an internationally recognized competence leader for nanowires and pulse plating. Our capabilities are further enhanced by collaboration with the leading universities in the field of electrochemical surface technology.

Pulse Plating

High-tech surface finishing by pulsed current deposition for high-tech applications

Dispersion Coatings

Adding functionality to a coating via incorporation of particles

Plasma-Electrolytic Oxidation

Electrochemical in-situ generation of ceramic coatings on passivating metals (Al, Ti, Mg,…)

Microstructured Surfaces

Targeted adjustment of surface roughness over a wide range

(Electro-) Chemical Surface Pre-Treatment

Preparation of metal substrates for subsequent coating

Pulsed Anodic Processes

Hard, corrosion-resistant, durable anodic coatings and powerful electropolishing processes