ACE Advanced electrochemical Etching for SiC-wafers

Silicon carbide is increasingly adopted in power electronics and automotive chips to drive electromobility. Smaller devices, reduction of charging times and overall efficiency improvement are only few of the advantages of SiC over the standard silicon material. Therefore the SiC-Chip`s wide band-gap technology are especially seen as the future of battery electric vehicles (BEV). However, some aspects of SiC processing remain challenging. For instance, the inert material resists all common wet etching processes. RENA’s ACE process overcomes these limitations and combines the performance of electrochemical etching with the ease of use of conventional chemical etching in a novel system.

Features and benefits

  • Single-side process
  • Zero edge exclusion
  • Simple wafer handling
  • Compatible with thin substrates
  • Suitable for SiC and Si
electrochemical etching for SiC wafers
RENA ACE electro chemical wet etching SiC Compound Semi
Potential applications
  • Plain etching
  • Porous SiC formation
  • Strain release
  • Damage removal
  • Surface conditioning
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Franck Delahaye
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