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November 03, 2020

Advanced process solutions for industry leaders

RENA NA’s Technical Sales Teams were able to procure several million dollars in orders by quickly identifying critical requirements. With their process experience, RENA NA was able to provide systems to meet each customer’s needs confidently.
A global recording head manufacturer who is building a brand-new pilot line for 200mm wafers required a vendor to manufacture a large number of wet process tools. The applications for RENA NA’s equipment include wet etching, metal liftoff, photoresist development, Marangoni drying, IPA vapor drying, and spin rinse drying. Fast turnaround to meet the customer’s expansion deadlines was critical.
RENA also received an additional $1M+ order from a digital device manufacturer, for their new Micro/Mini LED product line. RENA NA’s strong experience with Au and TiW etching applications meant the Revolution semi-auto wet bench, equipped with TruEtch tanks for Au and Ti, provides good etch uniformity, is more productive (WPH), and costs less than single wafer processing wet or dry etching alternatives.
Scott Tice, RENA NA’s Director of Process Applications Engineering explains, “Micro/Mini LED is one of the fastest growing compound semiconductor market segments today. Manufacturing these devices requires precision etching in higher volumes at the lowest possible cost. The Revolution, with its patented TruEtch Technology tanks, delivers the right performance at the right cost for this growing market. By leveraging our applications lab in Albany Oregon, we have developed the experience and data which demonstrate our TruEtch capabilities for precision etching of Au and Ti layers. This bi-metal combination etch application is fundamental to the manufacturing process for these devices. RENA is well positioned and very pleased to be partnered up with leaders in the race for market dominance in Micro/Mini LED devices.”

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