BatchGlass HTX

The BatchGlass HTX is a fully automated wet processing tool for cover glass substrates. This tool can accommodate substrates sized for different applications from watch over phone to tablet. In batch-style substrates are cleaned, chemically polished or etched and dried for a superior product. To achieve a high standard for your products RENA offers sophisticated pre- and post-cleaning processes pre and post etching. Our Sophisticated tank design ensures highest homogeneity over each substrate and batch resulting in minimal reject. Together with lowest breakage rates the BatchGlass HTX provides the ideal platform for your high volume manufacturing of cover glass substrates.

Features and benefits

  • Suited for substrates from watch to tablet size
  • High stability of the process with online monitoring systems for key parameters
  • Tank-in-tank design for improved process homogeneity and reduced space requirement
  • Long bath lifetime due to feed-and-bleed function
Technical Sales Manager
Felix Fink
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