High-End cleaning for High-End products

The RENA BatchClean N automated processing equipment is for batch-type cleaning processes for silicon solar cells. Depending on customer requirements, a large variety of alkaline and acidic processes are available. The equipment is based upon the RENA Batch N platform.

Features and Benefits

  • Fully automated wet chemical cleaning in a Batch type process
  • Large variety of cleaning solutions available: RCA, acidic, alkaline, ozone based, …
  • Throughput up to 8000 wafer/hour depending on configuration
  • Integrated rinsing and drying of wafer
  • Long bath lifetime due to feed-and-bleed function
  • Tank-in-tank design for improved process homogeneity and reduced space requirement
  • Best-in-class dosing system for accurate and constant bath composition
  • Uses downholder-free carrier
  • Lowest breakage rate in industry
  • Easy maintenance
  • Available as BatchClean N400 (400 wafer per bath), N200 (200 wafer per bath) or N50 (50 wafer per bath)


  • Adaption for thin wafer down to 100 µm
  • MES interface (SECS/GEM)
  • Load and Unload Extension for buffering carriers
  • Media cabinet for chemical supply
  • Waste pump station for chemical drain / waste water
  • Filter fan units (“Flowboxes”)
  • Sensors for process control (e.g. pH, conductivity)
Andreas Eigeldinger