Silicon solar cell etching

The RENA BatchEtch N automated processing equipment is a batch-type etching processes for silicon solar cells. Depending on customer requirements, alkaline and acidic processes are available. Cleaning steps can also be integrated into the tool. The equipment is based upon the RENA Batch N platform.

Features and Benefits

  • Fully automated Saw Damage Removal (SDR) in a Batch type process
  • Etching with alkaline (e.g. KOH) or acidic solutions (e.g. HF/HNO3)
  • Throughput up to 8000 wafer/hour depending on configuration
  • Integrated rinsing and drying of wafer
  • Long bath lifetime due to feed-and-bleed function
  • Pre- or postcleaning steps can be integrated into the tool
  • Tank-in-tank design for improved process homogeneity and reduced space requirement
  • Best-in-class dosing system for accurate and constant bath composition
  • Uses downholder-free carrier
  • Lowest breakage rate in industry
  • Easy maintenance
  • Available as BatchEtch N400 (400 wafer per bath), N200 (200 wafer per bath) or N50 (50 wafer per bath)


  • Adaption for thin wafer down to 100 µm
  • Weighing scale: automated etch loss measurement
  • MES interface (SECS/GEM)
  • Load and Unload Extension for buffering carriers
  • Media cabinet for chemical supply
  • Waste pump station for chemical drain / waste water
  • Filter fan units (“Flowboxes”)
  • Sensors for process control (e.g. pH, conductivity)
Andreas Eigeldinger