Advanced cost-cutting front side metallization

InCellPlate® is RENA’s new inline equipment for direct plating of a Ni/Cu/Ag stack on silicon. Combined with laser ablation of the silicon nitride layer and subsequent inline anneal, it provides complete, screen-printing free front-side metallization for solar cell manufacturing.

Features and Benefits

  • Production tool - up to 5000 wafers/h
  • Solid plated metal conductors
  • Total CoO benefit up to 3.5 $Ct/cell
  • Contact adhesion equal to standard screen-printed cells
  • Module reliability confirmed by Fraunhofer ISE and industry Partners
  • Highly specialised machine development for plating technology based on proven platform
  • Efficiency increase up to 0.3 % by reduced shadowing and contacting of low emitter surface concentrations
  • Enables use of high ohmic homogeneous emitters
  • Homogeneous metal Distribution for lowest series resistance
  • Low water consumption through cascaded rinse
  • Validated on PERC, TopCon & BSF cells

Patented single side inline plating technology

  • Dry contacts (no need for contact-demetallization)
  • Reduced chemical drag out and CoO
  • No deterioration of Al rear side throug dry Wafer rear side

Technology partners

  • Innolas Solutions: Advanced laser ablating equipment
  • MacDermid Enthone: High performance plating chemistry
Andreas Eigeldinger