Carrier Systems

RENA carriers contain the knowhow of more than 20 years of experience in developing and manufacturing carriers and cassettes for the semiconductor and solar industry. Our products perfectly meet the demands of our customers for manufacturing high quality products and enhance performance and yield. Based on ultrapure PVDF polymer, RENA process carriers provide excellent resistance to process chemicals, avoidance of elution and cross contamination of process liquid, resulting in a longer lifetime. In combination with RENA Batch N tools our carriers can develop their full potential, making them the ideal match.

Features and benefits

  • Homogeneous surface treatment through toothed rods
  • No downholder needed
  • Cavity-free bars to avoid contaminations
  • Smooth surface for less chemical carryover and short drying times
  • High dimensional stability under extrem differences in temperature
  • Save processing of thin wafers down to 120 µm
  • Well defined carrier weight prevents Floating
  • High quality product - designed, developed and manufactured in Germany under strict quality control
  • Extremely long lifetime
  • Optional: RFID carrier tracking for MES interface


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Andreas Eigeldinger