Etching System (Caustic or Acidic) for semiconductor wafer production

RENA’s wet etching tool for caustic or acidic applications is built to achieve outstanding surface results in semiconductor wafer production. Acidic etching combined with a fast transport system enables precise process control. For wafers up to 300 mm, this fully automated tool fulfills all requirements for high-end wafer production. On top, the carrier-less half-pitch processing capabilities guarantee highest throughput rates together with high yield. Our wafer etching platform is completely compliant to all SEMI-standards.

Features and benefits

  • Up to 300 mm wafer size
  • Outstanding shape control
  • Etch stop in under 1 second
  • Perfect etch homogeneity
  • Carrierless handling
  • Half-pitch system for highest throughput
  • Advanced process monitoring
  • Multi-wafer transport to OHT loadport
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Theo Moissidis
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