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July 15, 2020

Introducing RENA Technologies North America LLC – formerly acquired MEI Wet Process Systems LLC

RENA Technologies North America LLC (RENA NA) is the new name of former MEI Wet Process Systems & Services LLC, the US wet-chemical specialist for semiconductor equipment headquartered in Albany, Oregon. RENA NA now becomes a visible member of the RENA Group.

This acquisition is part of RENA’s strategy to further diversify the product and service portfolio as a global provider of wet-chemical equipment for surface processing. With RENA NA the company has now much better access to the US market for the whole product range. RENA can now offer outstanding machine and process solutions for wet-chemical processing as MEI adds a complementary product portfolio while both companies have regional strengths that together form a global player in the international semiconductor market.

RENA’s main markets are Europe and Asia while RENA NA is an established market leader within the US high-tech semiconductor sector. Our synergistic Sales, Service and Process Technology Teams have already joined forces to support the global customer base. Together RENA now covers all wet-chemical process steps of semiconductor processing. From best-in-class prime wafer processing to state-of-the-art MEMS, SiC and semiconductor processing including Plating technology, Batch Immersion, Batch Spray, and Single-wafer applications. RENA NA’s new INCEPTION single-wafer processing shows the rapid progress in widening our product platform.

“RENA NA is the perfect partner to complete our SEMI product portfolio – as expected!” said Peter Schneidewind, CEO of RENA, “the long list of integration items are already complete just six months after closing. That is a clear signal of a great partnership between all working levels.

“The first phase of integration is now complete and we are very excited about our future.  Joining RENA takes us to the next level where we can offer our customers an  improved portfolio plus best in class, global support.” added Ed Jean, CEO of RENA NA.

“Even under these challenging conditions both RENA and RENA NA are on track to reach our order book plan for first half year, which shows the joint focus on customer needs.” Peter Schneidewind summarized.



About RENA Technologies North America LLC

RENA Technologies North America LLC of Albany, Oregon, is a full-member of RENA group for wet-processing equipment and services in the semiconductor, MEMs, solar, and high-technology industries. RENA NA’s specialties include patented solutions for wet-processing applications, including metal lift-off, advanced wafer etching, wafer stripping, and wafer cleaning solutions. Exceptional process control is provided through RENA NA's proprietary IDX Flexware process control software.

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