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June 22, 2023

New High-Throughput Single Side Etching tool by RENA Technologies

RENA introduces a new addition to its portfolio of solar manufacturing equipment. Based on the newly developed NIAK4 machine platform, RENA`s InEtchSide takes single-side wet processing to the next level. Designed for ultra-high throughput, the tool performs rear side oxide etching and single side SiO2 or Glass removal in an dry to dry inline process. Suitable for the manufacturing of high efficiency solar cells with TOPCon, IBC or PERC technology, the single-tool solution eliminates production bottlenecks. The integrated Fast Etch Technology and the 12 lane layout enables a gross throughput of up to 14,000 wafers per hour depending on the wafer format.

“We have designed the new InEtchSide according to the requirements of GW-scale mass production. The goal was to create a more efficient, fully automated tool with small footprint.” states RENA CEO Peter Schneidewind. Ulrich Jäger, SVP Sales adds “Long process bath lifetime and unmatched uptime are real benefits for our customers and help to reduce manufacturing costs. This is a major step forward in our product roadmap.”

As the PV-market is steadily shifting to advanced cell technologies on various wafer sizes, it is important, to have adaptable tools to match the requirements. From PERC to TOPCon and IBC as well as wafer sizes ranging from M0 to M12, everything is possible. The ideal use of the InEtchSide tool within the production line depends on cell technology of the customer.

P-Type mono PERC

N-Type TOPCon

In the near future the RENA inline tools are going to be complimented by an automated loading and unloading system to offer a convenient and comprehensive solution.

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