Advanced glass surface treatment

RENA provides innovative solutions for glass such as inline single-side processing and advanced cleaning as well as etching for combined laser & wet processing  technologies. Backed by a wide expertise in the MedTech, pharma, semiconductor and photovoltaic industries, RENA focusses on high-end glass applications. Inline and batch systems provide standardized as well as flexible customized solutions for a wide range of substrate sizes and throughputs from lab R&D to pilot line and mass production. Process development capabilities and expertise in cleanroom, GMP and ATEX applications ensure best process performance as well as safe and reliable manufacturing.


Inline single-side etching

  • Single-side etching without protective films
  • Anti-glare treatment for display applications
  • Acid etching

RENA’s InSide performs inline single side etching of glass, developed and optimized for different applications. The patented technology allows one-side wet surface treatment without the need for protective films for applications reaching from anti-glare treatment for displays to acid etching. The system allows processing of glass substrates of different sizes for a wide range of throughput requirements.


Wet etching for combined laser & wet processing

  • Etching-guided parts release after laser processing
  • For various patterns and feature sizes
  • Proven equipment platform

RENA provides equipment and innovative etching solutions for glass treatment in combination with laser processing. The etching step follows a laser treatment that creates patterns into the glass substrate. The wet process developed by RENA selectively etches the irradiated areas and small pieces of glass can be easily and quickly released from the glass substrate. The technology can be applied to various types of glass and is particularly well suited for thin glass and small features.

Batch S

Advanced cleaning solutions

  • For highest performance and challenging environments in the Glass, MedTech, Pharma and Semiconductor industries
  • Water- and solvent-based
  • Cleanroom, ATEX, GMP

Looking back at over 20 years of expertise in cleaning applications  for various substrates, RENA offers advanced glass cleaning solutions  for  diverse industries and challenging environments. The Batch S Series delivers highest performance for the Glass, MedTech, Pharma, Advanced Optics  and  Semiconductor sectors. It fulfills cleanroom, ATEX and GMP requirements and is designed for water as well as organic solvent based processes.

Batch Clean
  • Platform specially designed for sapphire crackle cleaning
  • Gentle material handling in baskets
  • High cleaning efficiency
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