GW-Scale poly‑Si Etching and Cleaning for TOPCon Cells

Poly-Si etching and cleaning optimized by RENA. The BatchPolyClean provides a substantial enhancement in efficiency and optimal process performance. This system is compatible with various wafer sizes ranging from M0 to G13, as well as high-capacity cassettes. As a result, it delivers a notable increase in throughput, reaching up to 15 000 wafers per hour, while significantly reducing the overall cost of ownership.

RENA BatchPolyClean sets a new standard for the removal of poly-Si, shunt etch
and subsequent high-performance cleaning for TOPCon cells in the solar industry.

Features and Benefits

  • Wafer sizes from M0 to G13 (Additional sizes upon request)
  • Highest throughput up to 15 000 wafer/h
  • Full Process Support
  • Extremely low breakage rates < 0.01 %
  • Automatic bath change concept
  • Efficient ramp-up


  • Adaption for thin wafer down to 100 µm
  • MES interface (SECS/GEM)
  • Load and Unload Extension for buffering carriers
  • Media cabinet for chemical supply
  • Drain pump station for chemical drain / waste water
  • Filter fan units (“Flowboxes”)
  • RENA Connect+
Sales Director Solar
Michael Vees