InOxSide Blue High throughput inline single side processing

InOxSide Blue

Inline junction isolation and cleaning

The InOxSide® Blue is RENA‘s solution for full alkaline, HNO3-free junction isolation, rear side polish, glass etching and cleaning. We offer the first and only one-tool solution on the market for user-friendly processing with lowest CoO. No transfer between tools is necessary for obtaining outstanding cell performance, high yield and a lean process setup. No additional furnace for glass densification is needed, even for SE cells. The proven and enhanced, patented single side etching process ensures high-reflection polishing results. The InOxSide® Blue is equipped with a superior Eta-up cleaning technology for final clean and thus best back side preparation for perfect passivation results.

Features and Benefits

  • HNO3-free process
  • High throughput inline single side processing
  • One-tool solution
  • No usage of H2O2
  • Patented inline, alkaline process
  • High quality smoothing
  • Suitable for all relevant passivation layers including AlOx
  • Eta-up cleaning technology


  • RENA RaPID (RENA anti-PID solution)
  • Inline reflexion measurement for process control
Andreas Eigeldinger