Side view of a white InOxSide Fusion with High throughput inline single side processing

Inline junction isolation and rear side polishing

The InOxSide Fusion technology combines junction isolation and rear side polishing as a perfect preparation for a superior surface passivation. The new fusion process of alkaline polishing with minimal use of acid in a single machine allows for extremely low cost of ownership and efficiency increase. This space saving solution is the next generation of the proven and patented RENA single side etching technology. RENA provides the only one-tool solution for single side alkaline etching in the market.

Features and Benefits

  • High throughput inline single side processing
  • One-tool solution
  • Reduction of HNO3 consumption by aprox. 50% for PERC
  • H2O2 free process
  • Very low CoO
  • Patented inline, alkaline process
  • High quality smoothing
  • Suited for all relevant passivation layers including AlOx
  • Rear side phosphorous and boron emitter etching


  • RENA RaPID (RENA anti-PID solution)
  • Inline reflexion measurement for process control
Andreas Eigeldinger