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Inline Single Side Poly-Si Etching

The InPolySide® 3+ provides superior rear side and edge etching for TOPCon applications. Poly-Si wrap around from LPCVD and PECVD is removed. With high throughput and full flexibility wafer size is the tool ready for the next generation of solar cells. Designed as a space saving one-tool solution, the InPolySide® covers pre-oxide etch, poly-etching, cleaning or glass etching and rinsing steps. No additional wafer handling is required.

Areas of Application

  • TopCon technology
  • Upgrade from PERC possible
  • Single side and edge etching of Poly-Si

Features and benefits

  • Edge etching for shunt-free TopCon cells
  • Highly variable and well-known process, adaptable to customers demands:
    - Low CoO
    - N-Type cells
    - Selective emitter for all available kinds of types of Poly-Si (PECVD, LPCVD)
  • Process patented by RENA
  • Highly optimized hardware configuration and process settings
  • 1-tool solution
Andreas Eigeldinger