IPA-free alkaline texturing for mono Si-wafers

monoTEX® is the best-in-class type of moderating and wetting agent for alkaline texturing. Unlike the common texturing agent IPA, RENA monoTEX® is non-flamable and operating at temperatures far below the boiling point of its components. It behaves almost linear towards temperature and alkali concentration changes and allows tuning the size of the pyramids by adjusting process parameters.

Features and benefits

  • IPA free
  • Production proven by processing > 1 billion wafers (> 20 GW)
  • Process temperature below boiling points
  • No VOC and no handling of EX-risk liquid
  • Large process window
  • Short process time, standard alkaline texturing time below 7 min
  • Uniform pyramids (2 – 5 μm). Size may be varied by recipe
  • Average reflectance < 12.5 % in a range of 400 – 1100 nm
  • Linear behaviour towards parameter changes
  • Cost effective usage of additive
  • Bath lifetime of > 250 runs with RENA‘s pre-clean
  • Environmental-friendly by low organic load in waste liquid, biodegradable
Andreas Eigeldinger