The Wet Processing System "Revolution" is a very flexible multi-step wet bench. Easy configurable for either semi-auto applications. The "Revolution" platform offers up to 5 process tanks located around its central rotary robot.

For your applications, is this the most ideal, low-cost solution for processes that require multistep sequence. There are many advantageous features for process control and monitoring in the IDX Flexware software. With a robust integrated rotary robot system, specialized process tank configurations RENA creates a powerful and versatile platform. 
At RENA equipment, the footprint is always a priority and kept minimal, of course all maintenance friendly. 
The "Revolution" also provides the RENA´s drying solution Genesis Marangoni drying for dry-in and dry-out processing.

All RENA systems are available and compliant to the SECS/GEM interface of factory host.

Features and Benefits

  • Dry-to-Dry Capabilities
  • 100mm up to 200mm wafer sizes
  • IDX Flexware Control Software
  • Multi-Step Sequences
  • Multiple Proprietary Technologies
  • HMI Touchscreen
  • Robust Rotary Robot
  • SECS/GEM Interface Options
  • Mini-environment as option
  • Stainless-steel version for Solvent application
  • Flexible and Upgradeable
  • Tailored to Customer Specification
  • Reduced Chemical & DI Water Usage
  • Lower Facility Costs
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Oliver Pohl
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