Revolution - semi-automated wet bench for multi-step processes

For multi-step semiconductor wet chemical processes, RENA offers flexible and compact semi-automated wet bench, the “Revolution”. This platform consists of a robust integrated central rotary robot and up to 5 process tanks located around the robot. The “Revolution” is the most ideal, minimal foot print and low cost solution for applications that require multi-step sequence of processes. It provides surface treatment of semiconductor wafers including etching, cleaning and resist stripping, both in FEoL and BEoL applications.

The “Revolution” delivers superior process control and monitoring achieved by employing IDX Flexware software. The IDX Flexware offers advantageous features and capabilities. Based on the customer requirements, specialized process tank configurations e.g. patented metal etching and metal lift-off tanks, can be incorporated into this chemical station. For dry-to-dry processes, the patented Genesis Marangoni dryers can be integrated.

All RENA systems are maintenance friendly and compliant to the SECS/GEM interface of factory host.

Features and Benefits

  • Dry-to-Dry Capabilities
  • 100mm up to 200mm wafer sizes
  • IDX Flexware Control Software
  • Multi-Step Sequences
  • Multiple Proprietary Technologies
  • HMI Touchscreen
  • Robust Rotary Robot
  • SECS/GEM Interface Options
  • Mini-environment as option
  • Stainless-steel version for Solvent application
  • Flexible and Upgradeable
  • Tailored to Customer Specification
  • Reduced Chemical & DI Water Usage
  • Lower Facility Costs
VP Sales
Theo Moissidis
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