The wet processing systems of the platform "Advancer" are robust, field-proven single-step solutions. Easy configurable, one process and one rinse tank with a sidewall linear robot application. All semiconductor processes are integrable and the state of the art. The Advancer footprint is kept minimal and extremely maintenance-friendly. There are many advantageous features for process control and monitoring in the IDX Flexware software. All RENA systems are available and compliant to the SECS/GEM interface of factory host.

Three “Advancer” systems are available, Gemini, Classic and Micro.

Features and Benefits

  • Dry-to-dry Capability
  • Single-Step process and rinse design
  • Single or dual cassette handling
  • 50mm to 200mm wafer sizes
  • 150 and 200mm processing without changes
  • IDX Flexware Process Control Software
  • Intuitive HMI Touchscreen
  • Highly serviceable, side-mounted robot
  • SECS/GEM Interface Options
  • Flexible and Upgradeable
  • Tailored to Customer Specification
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Oliver Pohl
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