Genesis stand-alone Marangoni Dryer

RENA Genesis Marangoni Dryer integrates drying with cleaning and rinsing, providing a one-step process. The wafer drying with RENA Genesis Marangoni Dryer utilizes a proprietary design with  wafer lifter and integrated tilt to ensure the face of the wafer is not contacting the Teflon cassette during the dry cycle. The tilt feature also minimizes contact on the back side of the wafer. Genesis Marangoni Dryers are compatible with Bare Si, SiO₂, GaAs, Ge, Sapphire as well as Glass wafers. The entire process is monitored and controlled by RENA’s exclusive IDX Process Control software.

Improve yield, reduce particles RENA’s Marangoni Dryer provides superior performance

Features and Benefits

  • Manually loaded cassettes or optional automated wafer handling with robot
  • Teflon cassettes
  • Substrates are free of water marks after drying
  • Enables chemical cleaning before dry with no air interface
  • No damage to sensitive photo resist layers during drying process
  • Particle Performance < 50 at 120nm
  • Dries hydrophobic and hydrophilic surfaces
  • No spinning of the wafer
  • Combination of O3, HF or HCl injection for critical clean applications for high-quality surfaces
  • HF last applications
  • Typical cycle time 7-20 minutes
  • Advanced performance and process control with IDX Flexware
  • Host compatible
  • Integrated DI water filtration option
  • Optional chemical injection
  • Low IPA usage (≤ 20ml per dry cycle)
  • Optional IPA recirculation for more robust particle performance
  • Wafer size solutions for 50-200mm (2-8” wafer)
  • CE Certification
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