SRD - COMPASS Spin Rinse Dryers

RENA COMPASS Spin Rinse Dryers are premium wafer dryers that rinse off any residues left over from previous process steps and then dry the wafer. The proprietary design and technology along with the use of CDA for non-process functions reduces the idle time of Nitrogen use by 50%. The RENA COMPASS SRD family is designed to reduce operating cost while exceeding cleanliness, dryness and particle specifications and offers the most advanced features found in today’s SRD. The entire process is monitored and controlled by RENA’s exclusive IDX Process Control software.

Features and Benefits

  • Wet in Dry out process
  • Low particle performance
  • Superior vibration and static control
  • 10 Nozzle DI Water Spray Manifold
  • Programmable set point for N2 heater and temperature monitoring
  • Programmable bowl blanket heaters and temperature monitoring
  • Brushless DC motor with encoder for RPM and position control
  • Resistivity Monitor
  • Rotors for High & low profile cassettes 50-300mm (2-12” wafer) and Clamshell for special applications
  • Advanced performance and process control with IDX Flexware
  • 10.4” color touch-screen User Interface
  • Host communication
  • FM4910 compliance
  • CE Certification
  • Available as benchtop, stand-alone and dual stand-alone version (Powder Coated and Stainless Steel type)
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Oliver Pohl
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