COMPASS SRD – Spin Rinse Dryers family for semiconductor applications

RENA COMPASS Spin Rinse Dryers are premium wafer dryers that rinse off any residues left over from previous process steps and then dry the wafers. These platforms offers the most advanced features found in today’s SRDs. The RENA COMPASS SRD family is designed to reduce operating cost while providing outstanding cleanliness, dryness and particle specifications. These platforms are utilizing DI water rinse followed by N2 drying for both high and low profile cassettes. The non-contact heating in COMPASS SRD results in cleaner N2.

Features and Benefits

  • Low operating cost
  • Significant N2 savings
  • Low particle performance
  • 10 nozzle DI water spray manifold
  • Superior vibration and static control
  • Advanced process control with IDX Flexware
  • Programmable set point for N2 heater and temperature monitoring
  • Resistivity, Anti-stat and blanket heater control
  • High and low profile cassette
VP Sales
Theo Moissidis
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