Vapor Dryer

RENA VaporDryer integrates IPA drying process with cleaning and rinsing to provide a single-step process. It displaces water from high aspect ratio features and TSV, effectively drying the most complex surfaces and can be integrated into RENA solvent immersion platforms. The entire process is monitored and controlled by RENA’s exclusive IDX Process Control software.

Features and Benefits

  • FEOL and BEOL wafer drying
  • Dries hydrophobic and hydrophilic surfaces without stiction damage
  • Ionic contamination levels < 1E10
  • Particle performance < 20 at 0.12μm
  • 85% reduction in IPA consumption compared to boiling sump vapor dryers
  • Lower cost Compared to Marangoni dryers
  • Completely dry “High Aspect Ratio” structures and TSV > 750um deep
  • IPA vapor condenser for IPA reclaim
  • Advanced performance and process control with IDX Flexware
  • CE Certification
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Oliver Pohl
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