Acid Etching System - AES

The RENA AES wet etching tool is built to achieve outstanding results in wafer production. Acidic etching combined with a fast transport system enables precise process control. For wafers up to 300 mm this fully automated tool fulfills all requirements for high-end wafer production and is completely complient to all SEMI-standards. On top the carrier-less half-pitch processing capabilities guarantee highest throughput rates.

Features and benefits

  • Up to 300 mm wafer size
  • Outstanding shape control
  • Etch stop in under 1 second
  • Perfect etch homogeneity
  • Carrierless handling
  • Half-pitch system for highest throughput
  • Advanced process monitoring
  • Multi-wafer transport to OHT loadport
Sales Director Semiconductor | Wafering
Bernard Winker
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