RENA BatchTex N400 for silicon heterojunction

– your proven solution for mass production

Heterojunction technology enables high efficiency using a slim manufacturing process

The ITRPV predicts a strong growth in silicon heterojunction cell technology (SHJ) in this decade. SHJ technology is one path to >24 % efficient solar cells and therefore enables high efficiency modules at low cost. Although SHJ cell manufacturing follows a slim fabrication process with only six process steps, it has demanding requirements for cleanliness, process quality and uniformity.

BatchTex N400 SHJ

RENA offers the mass production proven solution RENA BatchTex N400 SHJ for this application. The specially engineered equipment and processes ensure a stable and superior performance for your heterojunction application. Etching, texturing and cleaning are done in a single machine and features high throughput for your production line.

RENA’s BatchTex N400 SHJ offers a reliable, mass production proven solution for a heterojunction production line. The wet chemical equipment integrates the saw damage etching step, the texturing step and the cleaning and surface conditioning step in one single tool.

This is based on RENA’s Batch N400 platform which has an installed base of more than 150 tools running in mass production. The process is adapted to the special high quality needs of processing SHJ solar cells.

RENA’s BatchTex N400 SHJ uses state-of-the-art processes for best results and low cost of ownership. It uses the IPA-free RENA monoTEX® process for texturing and takes advantage of the excellent properties of ozone (O3) based cleaning. This yields an outstanding process stability and yield while at the same time avoiding expensive chemistries such as H2O2 based cleanings and IPA supported texturing processes.

Perfect Combination

RENA offers the perfect solution for your heterojunction application: the combination of damage etching, texturing and high-end cleaning in one single tool. Cost effective and high quality processes ensure a high-end performance of the heterojunction solar cell on your mass production proven RENA BatchTex N400 SHJ.

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